Is your company government approved?
I.D.T Suggest to our all customers before sending the request to us please you can check our profile by clicking on the “About us”. We have been looking after all the travelers in the whole world for more than 25 years. Our company is approved by the Department of Tourism, the government of India.
What payment method is accepted by your company and tourist places?
In India, all types of’ payment cards are accepted. Credit Cards are accepted in every place of India. And when you make a credit card transaction you will be sure that slips are validated and completed in your presence. American Express, MasterCard, Diner Club, and Visa are also widely accepted. But there are some small hotels, lodge, and camps that keep cash only it is necessary to have cash in hand.
Do you provide quality food while travelling?
We suggest you Avoid Oily and Spicy Food whenever you come to India. We have introduced specialties of Indian dishes with various types of food and meals. After that, it is best to stick with cooked foods. There is the best quality of drinks with your meals and many drinks like coffee and tea. An Indian bear is also available for your enjoyment. Indian bear is too good, along with gin and vodka and whiskey. You will find in meals very good value for money with various types of choice. There is also available pure vegetarian food in you order.
What we should carry for health precautions?
• Always carry necessary medicine that you need everywhere like fever, diarrhea, pain killer, band-aids, antiseptic tubes, etc. • Always drink pure & clean bottled water. • Always wash fruits well before you eat it. • Always keep a tube of mosquito repellent with you while traveling.
What us the best time to travel in India?
In India, the best time to travel is between September to April. • The best time to visit Rajasthan: - From November to IInd week of April. And also other parts of India. • The best time to visit Himalaya in winter: - December to February. • The best time to visit Himalaya in summer: - May to July. • The time of autumn in India: - October to November
Can I get a customized tour package?
Yes, we can customize the tour package according to your needs and budget. You can contact us to get details.

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