The Incredible Yoga Tourism in India

India is known to be known as the originator of Yoga. There are various forms of yoga that begin in India and modified by the world. So, we have made a list of yoga tours in India. Keeping in mind the health benefits of yoga, we have several tours that you can purchase from us by contacting our team.

On each day of yoga tours, you will learn something new and exciting. So, here is a list of the best and most popular yoga tours in India.

Yoga tours in India:

  1. Osho Meditation tour
  2. Yoga tour in Rishikesh Ashram
  3. Yoga and trekking in Jodhpur
  4. Yoga in Nahargarh forest
  5. Coonoor Ayurveda and Yoga tour
  6. Yoga and Meditation in Uttarakhand
  7. Kalari Kovilakam Tour – Yoga in KeralaOsho Meditation tour

Osho Meditation Tour

Osho is a completely different style from Hatha Yoga and before trying the Osho yoga and meditation the body first releasing of emotions. Osho meditation prepares the body to control the emotions and the suppression of Osho is completely different.

Yoga tour in Rishikesh Ashram

Rishikesh is said as the Yoga capital of India’. Hence no place can be better than Rishikesh for learning true yoga. The environment of Rishikesh ashrams is peaceful and maintained in such a way that students get attached to it while learning the art of yoga.

Yoga and trekking in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is mainly known for forts and castles and that’s what it makes the best place for learning yoga with king yogic experience. Not just that trekking and yoga together is the best combination of fitness. Here you can enjoy the best views of Aravali hills while practicing yoga.

Yoga in Nahargarh forest

Staying in the hotel and then travel to Nahargarh forest by jeep early in the morning. The tour may get a bit long in hours but it’s worth trying.

Coonoor Ayurveda and Yoga tour

In this tour, you will meet yoga gurus who combine both Ayurveda therapy, meditation, and yoga. Each student gets a different yoga pose to try and practice every day. Apart from yoga, there are several sightseeings that you can enjoy.

Yoga and Meditation in Uttarakhand

You may have heard about Uttarakhand as a place of mighty mountain ranges and scenic landscapes. But the place is also famous for yoga and meditation as the state atmosphere is perfect for practicing yoga. While practicing yoga in Uttarakhand you will learn not only yoga but the theory too. The yoga tours in Uttarakhand are the most famous in India.

Kalari Kovilakam Tour – Yoga in Kerala

Hatha style yoga is famous in Kerala and it concentrates mainly on meditation and Prayanama. Prayanam is a breathing technique that is known for solving many breathing problems. Hatha yoga is known for building the basics of physical capacity. Hatha yoga can be done by everyone except for someone with physical injuries.

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